Awnings and Canopies do not just offer protection but also leave a phenomenal customer experience.

For over 30 years, Tower Sign has been providing commercial Awnings and Canopies to New York business owners. Awnings and Canopies acquire a visual marketing power through their colors, patterns, and textures. It can be a perfect branding tool for business names, logos, and brands.

Apart from its attractive appearance, awnings and canopies are beneficial to every business because it provides comfort, shade, and protection from any weather conditions. As a result, your business will deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Tower Sign provides different types of Awnings like Fabric Awning, Vinyl Awning, Aluminum Awning, Retractable Awning, Fiberglass/ Glass Awning, Shade, Residential Awning, and Customized Awnings.

Contact us, and our team of experts will assist you in identifying the perfect type of awning and canopy that would suit your business needs.

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