The Benefits of Street Canopies

With the rapid rise in extended outdoor seating, seasonal changes present a few problems for patrons and business owners. Colder weather means an increased need for indoor seating, which is difficult to accommodate due to the pandemic. Street canopies offer a great alternative to traditional sidewalk settings.

Street canopies are made out of weather-resistant material, so they won’t just extend a business’s available space. This is an essential addition for companies looking to maintain extra sidewalk seating despite the rain, sleet, or snow.


When combined with ambient lighting, street canopies give a unique opportunity for brands looking to capitalize on this unconventional space.


As fall and winter quickly approach, street canopies provide a chance to continue the summer’s momentum for companies still recovering from the pandemic. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to maintain your extended outdoor seating during the colder months. Tower Creations is eager to coordinate with business owners to get the perfect space up in time for the first freeze. We offer customized enclosures designed to fit your business’s individual needs.

Ensuring Successful Signage for a Franchise

A Professionally Done Signage Exposes your Business to Potential New Customers!

There are quite a few things that go into designing and engineering for a franchise. You must consider each separate location, the difference in structures, your target audience, and many other things. Tying all your physical locations together with a key element such as your signage can help with this. Professionally done signage is critical for a professional franchise!

A professionally done sign helps expose your business to potential new customers. As many as 50 to 60 times per customer, per month! Besides that, 3 out of 5 people say they have driven past a business because the signage was unclear, too small, or non-existent. For a franchise with multiple locations, this can be devastating to your business.

Sign and branding consistency is everything. You want people to recognize one of your locations and immediately associate it with all the other locations. Even if the size and structure of the building are different, your signage will bring every site together. Tower Sign prides itself in providing the professional tools and employees necessary to do this successfully.

Custom Sign

Bamboo Walk Restaurant Signage

Project Complete!

Tower Creations would like to announce the finished sign project for Bamboo Walk!
Bamboo Walk is a fast-food Caribbean restaurant located in New York. The finished project included covering the top of the whole building with a sleek new sign. This project also included a brand-new pole sign! This project showcases bold lettering against a modern design to draw customers on all sides and from all angles. For a small local business, this can be especially important to draw in potential new customers!

Custom Signage

Custom signs like this can also bring a lot of value to your small and locally owned business! It can be hard to keep up with today’s fast-moving society, and a new and modern sign will make you stand out. With pops of color and bold lettering broadcast to everyone who passes by, it will be sure to draw people inside. Be sure to check out Bamboo Walk if you are in the area!

NYC will re-opening soon!

NYC will re-opening soon!

We have faced tremendous challenges in 2020 due to the pandemic. It is no doubt that we’ll continue living in uncertainty this 2021. As the new COVID-19 variant (aka UK variant) starts to circulate globally, keeping safe and healthy should be our utmost priority.

Just recently, the newly elected President, Joe Biden signed 10 executive orders to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the executive orders were – Wearing of Masks, New Treatments and Reopening of Schools and Businesses. This entails that Signages will then again play an important role in society.

As schools and businesses start to reopen, we have listed 3 must-have signages that you can consider for your businesses:

1. Health and Safety Signages

Health and Safety Signs must be seen everywhere. It is an effective communicating tool that can be understood by people of various age groups. Signages such as floor and wall signs serve to inform, warn people, and provide guidance of the proper hygiene and safety protocols in response with the alarming COVID-19 Pandemic.

2. Wayfinding Signages

Schools and establishments were forced to close for almost a year due to COVID-19 Pandemic. Soon, schools and workplaces will start to reopen. As we step back to this new reality, our behaviors and the
way we interact with other people won’t be the same as before. As a result, wayfinding signages takes an increased importance. When these new signages and wayfinding graphics were implemented thoughtfully, it can encourage practices to help people navigate this new world.

3. Personalized and Innovative Signages

Welcome your students/members/workers/customers – back with personalized and innovative signs as you reopen your establishment. Personalized and Innovative Sigs is a great way to get your business the attention it deserves. This is also a perfect strategy to showcase your brand/promote your products and services to potential customers.

Tower Sign is dedicated in producing quality and best custom signs. If you are planning to get one of these signages/graphics, feel free to contact us and we’ll help you find the perfect fit for your business.

How signages can help you during Pandemic

How Signages can help you during Pandemic

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and goodbye 2020

COVID19 is changing everyone’s way of living. Because of this Pandemic, businesses were forced to close resulting to unemployment of many. With the continuous outbreak of corona virus all throughout the world, the government implemented different precautionary measures to be adhered in order to protect everybody’s health.

Facing the new normal is not easy. As establishments starts to reopen, everyone should be prompted to the best health practices in minimizing the spread of the disease. Whether it’s reminding employees or customers with the proper hand sanitizing, physical distancing, wearing of face masks and face shields, signages play an important role in every industry.

Tower Sign is here to assist you with your business needs. In a wide selection of custom signs for floor, wall, or stair graphics, sneeze guards, and the like, you are able to communicate, remind, and inform each and every person with safety protocols. Aside from that, signages also can create brand awareness which can be a great marketing strategy.

As we celebrate the yuletide season, tradition entails a time for family reunions and gatherings. Yet due to COVID19, most of us won’t be spending the holiday with our love ones. With all these happenings, keeping our mind and body fit is essential.
Drink more water.
Get enough sleep.
Do some exercise.
Talk to your family, friends, and love ones.
And together, we’ll get through this!

A Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year from Tower Signs!