With the rapid rise in extended outdoor seating, seasonal changes present a few problems for patrons and business owners. Colder weather means an increased need for indoor seating, which is difficult to accommodate due to the pandemic. Street canopies offer a great alternative to traditional sidewalk settings.

Street canopies are made out of weather-resistant material, so they won’t just extend a business’s available space. This is an essential addition for companies looking to maintain extra sidewalk seating despite the rain, sleet, or snow.


When combined with ambient lighting, street canopies give a unique opportunity for brands looking to capitalize on this unconventional space.


As fall and winter quickly approach, street canopies provide a chance to continue the summer’s momentum for companies still recovering from the pandemic. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to maintain your extended outdoor seating during the colder months. Tower Creations is eager to coordinate with business owners to get the perfect space up in time for the first freeze. We offer customized enclosures designed to fit your business’s individual needs.

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